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Bear With Us! Auto-Renewal Testing Ahead.


Following our November 1st launch of a new auto-renewal feature, library staff has confirmed the following:

  • Items checked out PRIOR TO NOVEMBER 1 will NOT auto-renew. If an item was checked out on October 31 or prior, customers will continue to receive auto-renewal emails such as “MAX RENEWALS REACHED” (even though the item has 1-2 renewals left). Items checked out prior to October 31 must be renewed online or by library staff. These items will not auto-renew. Again, this is only for items that were checked out before Nov 1.

  • Items checked out ON NOVEMBER 1 OR AFTER will auto-renew. Items checked out on Friday, November 1 or after will auto-renew as expected and renewal emails will reflect the item(s) status.

Additionally, all “My Account” pages will display a new “Auto-Renewal” column. Items checked out prior to November 1 will have a blank auto-renewal field. Items checked out after November 1 will reflect the number of renewals remaining.

Again, thank you for bearing with us while this new feature is tested. Please continue to contact us with any issues you encounter.


FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1 - Beaufort County is the first library system within the SCLENDS consortium to test a new online account feature: auto-renewals.

Essentially, any borrowed book or DVD that is eligible for renewal will automatically renew without any action needed on behalf of the cardholder.

A notification will be sent out to inform customers when their materials are auto-renewed. This notification will be sent out via email or text one day prior to the due date.

Customers will also receive a notification if their book/DVD cannot be auto-renewed. Automatic renewals will not occur if:

  • The book/DVD is needed to fulfill a "hold" (another customer is waiting for it)

  • The book/DVD has already been renewed twice (each item receives up to 2 renewals)

  • An account has fines exceeding $10

  • A library account is in need of renewal

During this test phase, customers will continue to receive both the standard "Courtesy Notices" three (3) days prior to their item(s) due date as well as the auto-renewal notification one (1) day prior to their item(s) due date.

Our library system is testing the auto-renewal feature on a trial basis. We welcome and appreciate your feedback! Send us a message or tell library staff on your next visit.

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