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2023-25 Strategic Plan

Beaufort County Library exists to serve and support our community for learning, for leisure, and

for life. We strive to develop a top-notch library system that provides open and guided access to

a wide variety of media and programs to inform, inspire, and empower people in their pursuit

of lifelong learning, personal enrichment, and cultural understanding.

Every three years Beaufort County Library develops a strategic plan to chart the course for

future library services to meet the needs of Beaufort County residents. This plan identifies

where we are going, the action needed to get there and how we will measure our success as we

strive to do more and provide more to you.

As a result of months spent gathering and reviewing valuable feedback from the community,

staff, stakeholders, and the Library Board of Trustees, we are pleased to share the 2023-2025

Strategic Plan with you.

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User Experience

Strategic Focus:

Provide library visitors with a friendly, informed, and user-focused experience.

Strategic Outcome:
Develop a baseline staff training plan for all library employees.

Strategic Direction:

Strategy 1: Identify website enhancements for improved use.

Strategy 2: Reinvigorate library events to reflect community interest.

Strategy 3: Find and develop solutions to mitigate access barrier.

Strategy 4: Discover ways to enhance the library experience for new and existing cardholders.

user experience


Strategic Focus: 

Offer a wide range of collections in contemporary formats.

Strategic Outcome:
Establish selection guidelines for improved collection development.

Strategic Direction:
Strategy 1: Evaluate and anticipate opportunities for expansion of digital offerings.

Strategy 2: Offer content reflective of the needs, interests, and abilities of all the people the library serves.

Strategy 3: Monitor availability of popular materials to address community interest.

Strategy 4: Develop creative and innovative practices for in-house and online collection promotion.


Strategic Focus: 

Create welcoming and accessible library spaces.

Strategic Outcome:
Conduct quarterly assessments of both indoor and outdoor library 

Strategic Direction:
Strategy 1: Pursue new and existing opportunities of growth/ expansion.

Strategy 2: Optimize use, visibility, and aesthetics of outdoor spaces.

Strategy 3: Consider functionality, capacity, and accessibility of library furnishings.

Strategy 4: Investigate appropriate interior space utilization.



Strategic Focus:

Deliver timely, relevant communication both internally and externally.

Strategic Outcome:
Increase open rate on emails to match or out perform national library average.

Strategic Direction:
Strategy 1: Inform and educate cardholders through print and digital media/ communications.

Strategy 2: Enhance and foster employee information sharing.

Strategy 3: Inventory community contacts and partner organizations to deepen community relations.

Strategy 4: Explore opportunities to better connect with the public.

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