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Borrow eBooks, audiobooks, music, movies, TV shows, and graphic novels. Download the Hoopla app or visit, then create an account using your library card number.

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hoopla is your one-stop shop for eBooks, audiobooks, and more!


Beaufort County Library cardholders can borrow eBooks, audiobooks, music, movies, TV shows, and graphic novels through hoopla Digital.

To get started

Just download the Hoopla app or visit, then create an account using your library card number.

How to borrow

There are two ways to borrow content in hoopla: Flex and InstantEach title has either a Flex icon or an Instant icon, as shown in the image below.

  1. The Instant icon (lightning bolt) = represents a title that’s available instantly (always-available model)

  2. The Flex icon (chasing arrows) = represents a book that is a one copy/one user model (it might have a waitlist if it’s popular).

















Hoopla Flex how-to guide
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How much can I borrow each month?

Each library account receives:

  • Eight (8) Instant borrows each month

  • Five (5) rolling Flex borrows

You'll get a fresh set of 8 Instant borrows at the beginning of each month. You have 5 'rolling' Flex borrows at all times. Returning a Flex title frees up another Flex borrow credit. For example, if you are on hold for one and are currently reading a Flex book, those count as two of your five borrow credits.

Can you explain Instant and Flex in more detail?
Sure thing! Access to hoopla offers access to thousands of digital titles. With "Instant" titles, there are no waitlists, and cardholders can all borrow the same book at the same time. This borrowing model is known as the "always-available" model.

hoopla Flex is an expanded version of hoopla that offers libraries the option to combine its always-available (“Instant”) model with books that were heretofore unavailable on hoopla (such as many top bestsellers).


The hoopla Flex model combines everything you love about hoopla Instant plus now you'll have access to more popular and bestselling books in the collection.  

But… (there’s always a but!) because of rules and regulations of the publishing industry, many of the new and popular titles you’ll see will be available through the “one copy/one user” model. (This model is called the metered/perpetual access model.)

[See Good to Know sidebar to the right]

In other words, you might have to wait on a holds list for the popular titles, just as you did with books in the cloudLibrary, as some publishers do not offer their books to libraries in the “hoopla Instant/Always-Available” model.

With hoopla Flex titles you will find new and popular books that you can borrow now or place on hold to read later.

Each hoopla Flex title is available for 21 days after you borrow it. The title is available for streaming and downloading (mobile devices only with the Hoopla app).

Hoopla Flex borrows don't have any monthly expirations. If you ever run out of Flex borrows, you can always return a checked-out Flex item and select a new one.


Will hoopla only offer “older” titles?

The “newest” titles on the market will also be available with the expansion to hoopla Flex. The newest Flex titles sit side-by-side with hoopla’s existing “instant” and always-available materials (eBooks, audiobooks, music, comics, movies, and TV).


How many books can I borrow at once? Will this affect my 8 monthly borrows?

You can continue to enjoy eight (8) monthly borrows on anything labeled as an “Instant” title. Additionally, you can borrow up to five (5) Flex items at one time. Borrowing or going on hold for a Flex title will not affect your Instant borrow balance.

How many books can I be on hold for at once?


Will I be able to renew a book?

So long as no other customer is on hold for the book, it’s fair game! (You can renew up to twice.)

How many days can I borrow a Flex title?

Flex eBooks and audiobooks can be borrowed for up to 21 days at a time. At this time only eBooks and audiobooks are offered as Flex titles (movies, TV shows, and music are not available as Flex items).

Can I use Hoopla on my Kindle? 

This is a yes and no answer. If you have a Kindle Fire then yes, you have the ability to download the Hoopla app and use it on your tablet. However, if you have a Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Oasis, or Kindle Scribe then the answer is unfortunately no. The Paperwhite, Oasis, and Scribe do not have the capability to download outside apps. 


Can I send the eBook to my Paperwhite/Oasis/Scribe instead? 

Hoopla does not allow downloading through web browsers, so content cannot be transferred to another device. The only downloading is available through the Hoopla app, and those downloaded titles are wholly contained within the Hoopla app to protect against piracy - files will not appear in any sort of 'downloads' folders. 


What devices are compatible with the Hoopla app?

Apple - iOS 13+

Android - 6.0 +

Amazon Fire Tablets

What does "Not in Catalog" mean?

"Not in Catalog" heading means that our library system does not currently own the license for the titles. There could be a few reasons for this: 1) The title is too new (or forthcoming) and is not yet available for purchase; 2) the title is available for purchase but there hasn't been enough interest, or 3) the title has not yet been requested by a customer. The good news is that if there is a title you are interested in that is showing "Not in Catalog," you can request it by opening the title and selecting the "Request" button. We can't guarantee that every request will be fulfilled but we do see and review every title requested. Currently, customers may have up to 3 simultaneous requests at one time. If a book you requested is ordered, you'll be notified.


What’s the difference between a hold and a request?

To place a “hold” on an item is to ask to be placed on a waitlist for a title that the library owns. A “request” is to ask the library to consider obtaining a title that we don’t yet own. The titles will show as “Not in Catalog” in hoopla.

If I can’t find a book I’m looking for, can I recommend a book be added to hoopla?

Submitting a Title Request within the hoopla app (or hoopla site) is a way that you can recommend we add specific titles to the collection. Requests are limited to three requests per person at a time. Please ensure that the eBook/audiobook you’re requesting has been published or will be published within two months of your request. Although we strive to honor requests, purchases are based on multiple factors, including budget, date of publication, popularity, and demand.

How can I get more help?

With general questions regarding hoopla Flex borrows, content, or anything eBook-related, please reach out to our library via our Contact Us form. For questions regarding your hoopla account, please contact the hoopla support team at

Hoopla Borrowing Periods


Flex Titles

Flex eBook = 21 days

Flex audiobook = 21 days

Instant Titles

Instant eBook = 21 days

Audiobooks = 21 days

Comics = 21 days

Movies/TV episodes = 3 days

Music albums = 7 days

Good to Know: eBook Borrowing Models

Those familiar with the cloudLibrary (or the Libby/Overdrive service offered at some libraries), know they can find more bestsellers and popular titles there. Holds lists are common due to the one copy/one user model. This is also known as a "metered" or "perpetual access" model.

In the metered/perpetual use model, the library purchases one copy of an eBook and only one user can borrow it at a time. When the eBook is returned, it goes to the next reader on the holds list.

Publishers set these parameters for their eBooks. For example, some eBooks “expire” after a certain number of checkouts (24 checkouts per digital copy is common), or a set period of time (1-2 years is common).


It comes as a surprise to many that eBooks cost libraries far more per digital copy than a hardcover book.

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