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Your (Newest) Bookmobile Has Arrived!

On Wednesday, March 20th, the Beaufort County Library system officially welcomed its second Bookmobile at a ribbon cutting ceremony held at the Hilton Head Branch Library.

The second Bookmobile, nicknamed Bookmobile-South, was added to the library’s fleet thanks to the generosity of the Friends of the Hilton Head Library.

Members of Beaufort County Council, Library Board of Trustees, Friends of the Hilton Head Library, and library staff members were present to celebrate the new addition.

Bookmobile-South will focus on providing services to residents of Hilton Head, Bluffton, and surrounding areas throughout the southern portion of Beaufort County while the library’s original Bookmobile, Bookmobile-North, will focus serving residents throughout the northern portion of Beaufort County.

Currently, Bookmobile-North serves both northern and southern areas of Beaufort County, but with the additional vehicle both Bookmobiles will offer separate and expanded schedules starting this June.

To view the existing Bookmobile schedule and read more about the history of Bookmobile service in Beaufort County, visit our Bookmobile page. To learn more about the Friends of the Hilton Head Library, click here.

Special thanks to Scott Grooms and the County Channel team for videotaping and to library staff members Valeria Tannuzzi and Jay Karr for photographing this special event.

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