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Books and Papers Roadshow Offered by Friends of the Beaufort Library

If you’re harboring some potentially rare and unique treasures amongst your books and papers, bring them to the Beaufort Branch Library at 311 Scott Street on Saturday, March 11th between 9:00am and 2:00pm for an assessment. Renowned book experts Kinsey Baker, David Anderson, and Wilson McIntosh will be on hand to tell whether you have something really special or just another book or scrap that has meaning to you.

The event is sponsored by the Friends of the Beaufort Library as a fund-raising event. Each piece will be evaluated for a $5 donation to the Friends. Kinsey Baker is a volunteer Director for the Friends and manages their Annual Fall Book Sale every September in Waterfront Park where thousands of books are sold for give-away prices. Of course the community donates books all year long at the library branches and Kinsey and his team of sorters cull through the piles and categorize and pull out the best for book lovers. Kinsey and his wife Kelly, who assists in the Friends’ book “business,” operated a book store for 35 years in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and bring invaluable insight and experience to this process.

David Anderson, along with his wife Lorrie, own and operate the new location on Craven Street for Nevermore Books – a fabulous collection of all the best oldies, rare treasures, and some current fare. They are both book lovers and connoisseurs. David will be on hand to appraise possible treasures.

Wilson McIntosh has been in Beaufort for decades operating McIntosh Bookstore on Bay Street in downtown Beaufort – stocked with used and new books, with a special focus on local authors, and also the Beaufort Bookstore in the KMart shopping center. Wilson has particular expertise with books on sporting, the Civil War and of course local subject matter.

Together, these three gentlemen bring over 75 years of bookselling experience to the table. Verbal appraisals will be offered on any books, prints, maps, manuscripts, autographs, and other paper items, including documents, postcards, letters, advertising, magazines, and posters. Anything printed or written on paper can be brought in.

You never know if something has special value until you ask an expert. If you are interested or curious to find out what that old book from Grandpa's library is actually worth, bring it in. Find out if you have rare treasures or just fond memories.

For more information, contact the Friends of the Beaufort Library at

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