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Computer Lab Use Policy


The Computer Training Labs are for library-sponsored computer training that is designed to carry out the mission and goals of the Library system. 


When Library staff is not using the lab, it is available to local government, non-profit, and private organizations for the express purpose of providing computer training. Please refer to our Meeting Room Policy for usage guidelines. 


1) All computers and equipment in Beaufort County Library Computer Training Labs are the property of the Beaufort County Library, and are maintained by Beaufort County Library staff. 

2) Only Beaufort County Library IT staff can add or remove programs on the lab computers, or modify the computers in any way. 

3) Library staff cannot change the configuration or set-up of computers in the lab, modify network accounts, or bypass any security settings. 

4) Only programs already installed on the computers may be used in the lab except with the authorization of the Library Systems Specialist or their assistant. 

5) Guest instructors should ensure that lab equipment and software applications to be used are operating as expected prior to their session. Guest instructors should contact the branch library if interested in an introductory session prior to the scheduled training session. 

6) Upon completion of a session, the projector must be turned off, and all computers must be logged out. Any data saved on library computers is erased when the computers are logged out.

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees, November 2015

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