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Trespass Notice and Procedures




A person is legally barred from entering any library facility for a period of time ranging from one (1) month, three (3) months, six (6) months, one (1) year, or up to five (5) years. Under extraordinary circumstances, a person may be trespassed permanently. The person's library card is deactivated for the same length of time as the trespass. The Library Director, or his/her designee, determines the length of the trespass and the Deputy/City Police serve the 

trespass. The Library Director or the Library staff member in charge may make the decision to trespass immediately or after consultation with other staff. An incident report is created. 


Staff Member In Charge Of Incident 

The staff member in charge of the incident is either the Library Director (or Library staff member in charge, or in their absence the ranking Department Head), or a Law Enforcement Deputy. If the incident originates in the Children's Library, the Children's Librarian is the Staff member in charge. In their absence, Children's staff will consult a Department Head, and then may elect to take charge of the incident instead of handing it off to the Department Head. At a branch, the Staff member in charge is the staff member with the highest job classification. 




1. Library Board of Trustees defines unacceptable library behavior by creating rules of conduct.

The Library exists to serve the community's information needs. The community expects a safe and appropriate library environment so all visitors may access library resources and services. The Patron Code of Conduct defines acceptable behavior in the library an on library property and provides for personal safety as well as for the protection of materials, property and facilities. 


2. Library staff is responsible for controlling disruptive behavior by applying the Patron Code of Conduct. 

Library staff will apply all rules of conduct respectfully, fairly and consistently. Failure to comply with a reasonable staff request may result in a loss of library privileges. Willful or persistent violation of the rules will result in a loss of library privileges which may include exclusion or trespass from the 

use of all facilities of the Beaufort County Library. 


3. A trespass may be appealed. 

The Library Board of Trustees may approve, modify or reverse any staff actions. The Board reviews all permanent trespasses. Persons trespassed from the Library may appeal or contest their trespass. 

4. Notice of Trespass. 

A copy of the trespass warning will be given to the person in writing, in the presence of a law enforcement officer, and will state: 


A) the alleged criminal law violation or the alleged violation of the library's code of conduct promulgated by the Library's Board of Trustees under the authority provided by Section 4-9- 37(b) of the SC Code; 


B) the duration of the prohibition to return; and 


C) the procedure by which the person may appeal the warning to the Library Board of Trustees. The person receiving notice of trespass wishing to appeal the notice may submit a request for a hearing to the Board within five business days of receiving the notice. The Board of Trustees of the Library will then provide a hearing within ten business days of the request for an appeal.

Beaufort County Library Trespass Procedures I Approved Nov 2014

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