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Summer Reading - Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in the summer reading program?
All Beaufort County residents are encouraged to participate! Babies, toddlers, children, tweens, teens,
adults, and seniors. Parents and caregivers can read to non-readers and track it on the reading log.

How can I participate?

All you need is one of our paper reading logs and something(s) to read. You choose what, how much, and how often to read. ​​

What are the rules?

  • You may begin recording your reading on June 1 or later. (In order to complete your reading log in time for the July 30 deadline, start recording your reading by July 1.)

  • To be eligible to win a grand prize, return the completed reading log to any of our libraries by July 30.

  • Only one reading log submission per person.


Do I need to register?
There is no registration and no online tracking.

What do the sea animals/blank lines represent on the reading logs?

On the children's log, each sea animal (fish, cannonball jelly, and sea star) represents a predetermined amount of reading time. On the adult/teen log, each blank line represents a predetermined amount of reading time. Before you begin recording your reading on the log, determine how many minutes each day you will read. For example, if your goal is to read for 30 minutes each day, each sea animal or blank line will represent 30 minutes of reading. When you meet your daily goal, color in one sea animal or write the title of what you're reading on your reading log.

Can I record more than one reading session a day?

We appreciate your enthusiasm! Please record only one reading session a day.

What is the Super Reading Bonus Round?

When your reading log is complete (30 goals fulfilled), you have completed the program. However — for an extra challenge, you can complete the Super Reader Bonus Round. For each sheet you complete, you earn an extra grand prize entry! Bonus round sheets will be available at branch libraries and online starting June 30.

Can I skip days?
The reading logs are not tied to particular dates so there is wiggle room as long as you’re able to complete the log (or Bonus Round sheet) and return it to the library by July 30.

Do participants have to read books? What about magazines? Audiobooks?
We encourage reading in any form, but especially reading books. Participants can choose to read the format of their choice. We encourage reading for at least 20 minutes a day.

What are "Achievement Prizes?"

Participants earn achievement prizes for completing a level on their reading log. Achievement prizes are issued at the 10, 20, and 30 reading goal marks. Each time you complete a reading level (represented by the circles on the reading log), bring your reading log to the library to get it stamped and to receive an achievement prize! 

Do you need a library card to play?
A library card is not required but we enthusiastically encourage readers to sign up for a Beaufort County Library card.

Can I participate if I'm going to be out of town for a few weeks?
Certainly! Just make sure to return your completed reading log to the library no later than July 30. There are extra ‘wiggle room’ days built into the reading program to offer flexibility.

Do Beaufort County School District students return their reading logs to the schools?
BCSD students should return finished reading logs to a Beaufort County Library branch by July 30 to be eligible to win a grand prize unless the student is participating in a BCSD Summer School session. (Summer school students will return their reading log to their summer school teacher.) 


In August, the library will provide to schools a list of students who completed the summer reading program.

When will you announce the grand prize winners?
Winners will be announced in August. Winners will be contacted by library staff.

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