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Donations and Gifts Policy

The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines and procedures for the receipt, management and disposition of artwork and historical documents and monetary gifts received by the Beaufort County Library Board of Trustees as gifts. 


The Beaufort County Library welcomes gifts of works of art, money, personal property and historical documents. The Board of Trustees delegates to the Library Director the responsibility to review proposed gifts and make recommendations to the Library Board of Trustees. 

I. Guidelines/Principles 

The following principles guide the acceptance and administration of gifts and donations to the Beaufort County Library: 

  • All gifts/donations will be evaluated for appropriateness and potential value in support of the Library’s mission and in accordance with other existing policies. 

  • All gifts will be accepted in accordance with current law and tax regulations. 

  • An appraisal by a certified appraiser must be provided by the donor before the gift is considered. 

  • Letters will be provided to donors acknowledging receipt and the value of the gift for tax purposes. 

  • There is no obligation to accept gifts and the Library reserves the right to refuse any gift. 

  • All gifts that are accepted become the property of Beaufort County. 

  • Gifts are accepted only with the donor’s full understanding that the Library has the right to use or dispose of the gifts in accordance with the Library’s mission. 

  • When a gift is accepted by the Library Board of Trustees the gift shall be final and with no restrictions. 

  • Donated items that do not support the Library’s mission will be sold or retained for future disposal in accordance with the Beaufort County Procurement/Disposal policy. 


II. Gifts 

The Library relies upon the generosity of donors to build and sustain the art collection and the history and genealogy collection. The art collection includes paintings, drawings, sketches, photography and sculpture. The history and genealogy collection includes books, periodicals, pamphlets, maps, photographs, postcards, diaries, newspaper clippings, video and sound recordings and ledgers. 


Donations of manuscripts, photographs and other historical documents are based upon their historical significance to Beaufort County or the state of South Carolina. 


Monetary Gifts and Stocks, Bonds, Securities 

The Library gratefully accepts monetary donations and stocks, bonds and securities. Donations can be made to Beaufort County, the Beaufort County Public Library Foundation and/or the Library Friends groups. Unrestricted gifts are added to the Library’s general fund for the current fiscal year and will be appropriated in support of the Library’s mission. The Library honors and respects the wishes of the donor when accepting bequests and restricted donations. The Library will convert stocks, bonds and securities into cash at the time of the gift. 


Real Estate 

The Library accepts donations of real estate made to Beaufort County for exclusive use of the library. The donor must furnish an appraisal of the property value; the Library reserves the right to obtain additional appraisals. 


III. Criteria for Selection 

The Library is interested in selecting artwork that support the culture, diversity and natural beauty of the Lowcountry. The Library does not accept artwork that promotes partisan political, religious or social doctrines of an individual or group. The Library also does not accept artwork that promotes financial gain of an individual, organization or company. 


The Library will use the following criteria to determine acceptance of artwork: 


  • High artistic merit 

  • Broadness of appeal 

  • Prominence of the artist 

  • Synergy with current collections 

  • Compatibility with the character of the Library 

  • Condition of the piece 

  • Value of at least $500

The Library will use the following criteria for selection of historical documents: 


  • Historical significance 

  • Condition of the documents 


IV. Administration and Insurance 

Once the decision is made to accept the donation, the Library Director will provide the donor with a letter of acceptance to be signed. The Library retains the right to determine retention, location, disposition of all artwork and historical documents. The Beaufort County Library will provide recognition to individuals, groups and/or corporations who make monetary, artistic or historical gifts. 


The Library agrees to preserve artwork and historical documents to the best of their ability. The Library will maintain an archive of artwork and historical documents. Regularly but not less than every 

five years the Library will secure an appraisal of the collection and obtain appropriate insurance coverage for the collection. 


V. Disposition of Gifts 

The Beaufort County Library will regularly evaluate the appropriateness of artwork and historical documents for retention in the collection. The Beaufort County Library reserves the right to dispose of artwork and historical documents in accordance with the Beaufort County Procurement/Disposal Policy. 


VI. Requests for Removal of Artwork 

The Library welcomes citizens’ comments on artwork and historical documents. Requests to remove materials will be made to the Library Director who will consider the request based upon the aforementioned criteria. Citizens dissatisfied with the resolution may appeal to the Library Board of Trustees.

Updated and Approved September 11, 2019

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