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Request for Reconsideration Policy 

The Beaufort County Library has the responsibility to provide materials and information to meet the needs and interests of the diverse population of the tax-paying public it serves. Collection development is carried out under the guidance of carefully established selection policies based upon the needs of user groups, service objectives, collection specifications, and current selection needs. The Beaufort County Library firmly endorses the Library Bill of Rights, the Freedom to Read Statement, the Freedom to View Statement and the American Library Association Code of Ethics. 


The choice of library materials is entirely an individual and confidential matter. Responsibility for the reading of minors rests solely with their parents and legal guardians. While a person may reject materials for themself and parents may restrict access to library materials for their children, no individual has the right to exercise censorship or to restrict the freedom to read of others.  


Cardholders wishing reconsideration of library materials should complete the Request for Reconsideration of Library Material form. This form is available at all Beaufort County Library locations. Staff members will review the completed reconsideration request to ensure that it provides all necessary information concerning the nature of the complaint and give it to the branch manager, who will keep a copy and forward the original to the Library Director.  


The Director will appoint a committee of at least three staff members and/or area specialists to evaluate the material. The committee will examine the material in question using the reconsideration request, published reviews, and the Beaufort County Library guidelines for materials selection and will determine whether the item in question meets the criteria, as specified in the Collection Development Policy selection policy, for being included in the library's collection. The committee will submit a written report of its findings, with any recommendation for action, to the Director who will then make a decision concerning the material. The title under reconsideration will remain available for circulation while under review. 


The cardholder will be notified in writing of the Director’s decision within thirty (30) business days of receiving the request for reconsideration. A cardholder wishing to appeal the Director’s decision may do so, in writing to the Library Board of Trustees, within ten (10) business days of receiving the Director’s decision. The cardholder will be notified in writing of the Library Board of Trustees’ decision within ninety (90) business days of receiving the appeal. The Board’s decision is final. 



Approved by the Board of Trustees Beaufort County Library September 10, 2008; Revision July 2009; July 2023, September 2023

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