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April Conversation Café To Discuss “Polarization Among People”

Conversation Café

Talk with neighbors about things that matter over a cup of coffee or tea. April topic: Polarization among people — what can be done to bridge the divide? Sessions are open, hosted, drop-in conversations among people with diverse views and a shared passion for engaging with others. Discuss a new topic each month. Pull up a chair and join us. Everyone is welcome to attend. No need to register. Conversation Cafés are always free of charge. All hosts are volunteers.

Time and Date of the Event: Tuesday, April 4 at 5:30pm

Location of Event: St. Helena Branch Library, 6355 Jonathan Francis Sr Rd, 843.255.6540

Price of the Event: Free

Contact Information: Jan O’Rourke, 843-255-6464,

Spreading nationwide and into Canada, Conversation Cafés are drop-in community conversations in public places such as cafés, bookstores, or community centers. These conversations are organized and hosted by at least one person who welcomes participants and introduces the Conversation Café process and agreements (the “ground rules”). This process and the agreements create the minimal structure that allows even strangers to quickly get into deep, compassionate discussion. Conversation Cafés attract diverse people wanting to make meaning of the times we’re living through. Conversation Cafés were cofounded and organized by Vicki Robin, bestselling author of Your Money or Your Life, in the summer of 2001 in Seattle.

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