BCL Staff Picks for 2010

Halle Eisenman, Reference Manager, Hilton Head Branch

One Day coverThe premise of this book - following the lives of two people by showing a snapshot of the same day each year for twenty years - is what drew me to pick up the book, but the story is what pulled me in and caused me to read the entire book in one sitting. Dexter and Emma are flawed, realistic characters and their story is identifiable and touching. If you liked Four Weddings and a Funeral and When Harry Met Sally, this book will be sure to please you. 


Amanda Brewer, Reference Librarian, Beaufort Branch

Room coverRoom by Emma Donaghue wins my title as "most unique" story. Told through 5 year-old Jack, the lead character of this tale, Room is a book unlike any other. Although the subject matter starts out grim- a young boy and his mother are held captive in an outdoor shed- the ending makes this story a must read.


Janice Campbell, Circulation Representative, Hilton Head Branch

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet coverShep Knacker has spent years dreaming about what he dubs “The Afterlife” in which he takes his family to a third world country where his savings enable him to live the good life. His wife, Glynis, has resisted this dream for years. As the story begins, he has decided to go “with or without” her. When confronted with this ultimatum, she informs him, “You can’t. I need your health insurance; I have cancer.”

With those words, Shriver begins her tale of two families, two marriages and two illnesses. The author’s talent for both language and psychological portraits of her characters as well as her grasp of contemporary issues make this a compelling read on all levels.


Maria Benac, Branch Manager, St. Helena Branch

Sunrise Over Fallujah cover"Sunrise Over Fallujah" by Walter Dean Myers is my favorite pick of 2010. This book was not only a well written fictional story about the war in Iraq, but it also made me feel as though I was one of the troops from a non-combat unit whose job it was to regain good graces with the people of Iraq after their village had been used as a war zone between the US Combat forces and the local rebels. The audio book is a wonderful media to listen to as well...the reader, JD Jackson flawlessly produces 15 to 17 different voices and dialects with smooth transition within the heavily dialogued passages.


Amanda Brewer, Reference Librarian, Beaufort Branch

Carol Burnett coverAs celebrity biographies go, Carol Burnett's This Time Together is tops. As a long time fan of the hilarious comedianne who brought to life so many fabulous characters (Starlet O'Hara, Ms. Havisham from "Annie"), I was glued to each page as she described life behind-the-scenes. The audiobook version, read by Carol Burnett, makes you feel like you're sitting across from Carol swapping stories over afternoon tea.