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What's In a Name? A Lot!

What's in a name?  For the genealogist, each name is a clue to connections with other people who are on or might be connected to one's family tree.  

Namesakes

Civil War Underwater Archaeology - Wednesday

The Beaufort County Library system has been celebrating Archaeology Month since 2004 in conjunction with the Beaufort County's Historic Preservationist, Ian Hill. This year we are co-sponsoring a lecture on “Civil War Naval Operations and Shipwrecks” by State Underwater Archaeologist Jim Spirek. Spirek will discuss the various operations of the Union and Confederate navies and the archaeological remains associated with these activities, including the sinking of the stone fleets off Charleston, blockade running, and gunboats lost in the rivers.Read More...

From the Beacon: What to check out for Teen Read Week

Teen Read Week is celebrated annually during the third week of October at many libraries and bookstores across the country. This initiative of the American Library Association's young adult library services division encourages teens to read for the fun of it and become regular library users. We hope to accomplish both goals by highlighting new teen fiction.Read More...

From the Beacon: Get into the spirit of election season with a look back in US presidential history

With the 2012 election fast approaching, this is an appropriate time to look back on a few intriguing presidential elections in history and offer reading suggestions. Personally, I've enjoyed reading "Guide to U.S. Elections, Fifth Edition, Vols. I & II.")


If you think recent presidential campaigns have been full of rancor, sleaze and controversy, wait until you read about the election of 1800. You had two heavyweight candidates: Thomas Jefferson of the Republican Party and the incumbent John Adams of the Federalist Party.Read More...

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