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Gleason Honored

Each year National Women's History Month employs a unifying theme and recognizes national honorees whose work and lives testify to that theme. The theme for 2013 is "Women Inspiring Innovation Through Imagination.” Among this year's National Women’s History Month nominees is Kate Gleason, born Catherine Anselm Gleason in Rochester, NY on January 9, 1865. Although Miss Gleason never earned her engineering degree, she practiced engineering – and employed Beaufort County tradesmen on her local building projects during the deepest days of the Great Depression.Read More...

Email notifications about "expiring" accounts

Effective immediately: Our computer system will send out an email notification when your library card is going to “expire” in 30 days. If you receive such an email this simply means we have to update your contact information so your card remains usable. Please contact your local branch at your convenience to update your account. Please do not respond to the email, as our staff will not receive it.

American Library Association Acts for Equal Access

The American Library Association has been active in promoting digital literacy and broadband technology to equalize access to information for all Americans. The South Carolina Library Association's (SCLA) listserv shared the message below on Feb. 12th: Recently ALA released the first national report detailing U.S. library engagement with the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program. The preliminary report highlights statewide library BTOP projects and improvements they have made to public access technology resources, digital literacy and workforce development.Read More...

Every Month is Black History Month

Officially, today is the last day of "Black History Month." However, every month is Black History Month for the BDC and for AT&T. The BDC makes an effort to interweave posts about all our native sons and daughters, regardless of race throughout the year. Our holdings contain historical and cultural materials from the community at large, in all its wonderful diversity, which we share all year long. Similarly, AT&T celebrates the contributions of African Americans all year long with its South Carolina African American History Calendar website.Read More...

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