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Good reads to help further your understanding of the Civil War

During September and October the Beaufort County Library and other local organizations are commemorating the Civil War Sesquicentennial with an exciting array of programs. In addition to attending some of our events, there are many fantastic books written about the Civil War that can expand your knowledge of that turbulent time. And whether you prefer fiction or nonfiction, there is surely a book out there to entice you. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:Read More...

More discussions, movies, programs ahead in 'One County Reads the Civil War'

The Civil War may be in the past but it's a past that very much influences our present. Here in Beaufort County, it lives in our institutions, our culture, our relationships with others. To understand the Civil War is to better understand ourselves.Read More...

Learn more about the Civil War through exhibits and programs at BCL

The Civil War is a timely topic as sesquicentennial commemorations are occurring throughout the nation. We live among the remains of the Civil War, fought 150 years ago, and seldom do we acknowledge the sites of horrific battles; the scars on our churches, buildings, and national character; or the war's impact on the American psyche.

For four long and terrible years, the United States was interrupted by a brutal war that helped define American democracy.Read More...

30 ways to use your Beaufort County library card this fall

30 ways to use your Beaufort County library card this fall

"Thirty days has September..."

If you haven't used your library card in a while, visit one of our five library branches to see all the things it can do for you.

Here are 30 of them:

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