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Local History & Artifact Programs

Our local history and archives unit, the Beaufort District Collection, is sponsoring two programs this week.

Thursday, November 12th:

USCB Libraries and the BDC are continuing our booktalks tour with our two favorite historians. We're heading to Southern Beaufort County in November and December. November 12th we'll be in Room #159 of the Hargray Building on USCB's Hilton Head Gateway Campus in Bluffton. (BTW: Thursday you have a great 2-fer-1 deal opportunity: Local poet, novelist, and professor Ellen Malphrus is having a book signing next to the USCB Bookstore.)Read More...

BDC Program: SC State Constitution of 1865

“SC'S CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION OF 1865” with Dave Smoot | Thursday, November 5, 2015 at 6:00pm | Beaufort District Collection, 2nd floor, 311 Scott Street, Beaufort The Civil War was over. The Union had won. After 4 long years of war, what would the peace look like? Would Reconstruction be a preservation of the old, or a remaking of the new? Answers to this very important question varied throughout all the former Confederate state conventions as they prepared to re-join the United States.Read More...

Haunted Beaufort District

Scary stories and Halloween go together like balsamic vinegar and oil. Here are a few suggestions to get started learning about the macabre history of hauntings in Beaufort District: From our Local History and Nature Pages, read Ghost Stories of Beaufort County. Come read about all the "Ghosts" in our vertical file available in the BDC. Here one can find tales of the Land's End Light, the Blue Lady of Leamington, hauntings at Frogmore Manor, the Castle, along Bay Street, and a ghost trivia game. (BDC only).Read More...


In honor of SC Archives Month, we share this poem by Thomas Michael McCort written in 1982 and cited in Mary Jo Pugh's Providing Reference Services for Archives and Manuscripts, c1992:

As barren fields in wintertime are lined

With broken stalks and ears of corn long spent,

So records are the stubble of mankind --

They have no life, and give no nourishment.

They are the words and numbers of the past,

The dry, misshapen kernels in the bran,

Like chaff stripped from the germ, they cannot last --

Yet you do make them feed the mind of Man.Read More...

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