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Modern children's picture books are works of art in their own right

November is Picture Book Month, an international literacy celebration of the beauty and value of picture books, and the Beaufort County Library is the perfect place to explore the stunning artwork contained in today's picture books.

If it's been a while since you ventured into the world of children's books, you will be surprised by the quality and variety of the artwork that these treasures contain.Read More...

Books, websites provide resources for veterans, military families

Veterans Day is a singular reminder of the debt our nation owes to its men and women in uniform. These soldiers often make the ultimate sacrifice or bear the physical and emotional scars of battle and military service.

This Veterans Day think about taking the family to the beautiful -- and very local -- National Cemetery on Boundary Street in Beaufort. Here rest veterans from wars as far back as the Civil War. It is a beautiful spot for reflection and connection to the past and present commitment by our military forces in defense of freedom.Read More...

Form your own opinions about banned books

In case you missed it, Banned Books Week was Sept. 22-28, during which libraries across the country celebrated everyone's right to read. Why devote an entire week to celebrate your right to read whatever you want?Read More...

Learn about how and why we celebrate Halloween

When you carve your pumpkins into a jack-o'-lanterns and buy candy to give to little strangers in costume, did you know you are preparing to celebrate the eve of All Saints Day?

All Hallows Eve becomes Hallowe'en, get it?

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