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Well-Read episode #17 - Reading Resolutions for 2016

Ann and Halle talk reading resolutions, book challenges, and the freedom to read whatever you want. As always, they'll finish with what they're reading this week.


Local History Books as Gifts

There's a renewed interest in dialing down on the materialism that has dominated the Holiday Season using the "Four Gift Rule" for children. The mantra is every child should expect and get only 4 gifts during the Christmas Season: 1. Something to wear; 2. Something to read; 3. Something they want; and, 4. Something they need.

As a librarian, I am delighted to see that "Something to Read" is on the list. Here are some suggestions as potential local history gift books:Read More...

Reasons to Be Thankful

Recently, the Island Packet asked the Library staff and community members to share what we were thankful for beyond "Family, Friends, and God." When we had to pick just one thing, we chose to highlight how grateful we are that Dr. Rowland’s magnum opus, The History of Beaufort County, 1514 - 2006, is now available. The books have arrived and are now on the Local History shelves for you to check out. There’s also one more opportunity to hear Dr. Rowland and Dr. Wise’s Author Book Talk about the series. Meet us at Hilton Head Branch Library on Thursday, December 3rd at 4 pm.Read More...

Looking for an Obituary?

John Michael Neill, a genealogical guru, offered this "Genealogy Tip of the Day" on November 16th:

It’s easy to locate an obituary in one newspaper and move on to another research task. In some locations, there may have been several newspapers in the area that might have published a death notice or an obituary on your ancestor. One may have easily included bits of information that were not mentioned in others.

Ask yourself: “Are there other newspapers that might have published an obituary?”

You never know what you will find until you look.Read More...

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