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In Biblio Novitas Episode #1- Library Makerspaces

Welcome aboard the maiden voyage of the In Biblio Novitas podcast. Your host, Armistead Reasoner, peers into the world of library makerspaces with fellow Beaufort County Library staff Kelli Baxter and Adam Farver. Much to our delight, we discovered a world of fun, simple, imaginative, creative projects that everyone can bring to life in the Beaufort County Library makerspaces. As you listen to the podcast, we hope you will be inspired to visit one or both of our makerspaces (St.Read More...

Preservation Week Drop-In Tues., April 26

We believe that memories and treasures should last a lifetime and be passed on to future generations. The Library is the perfect place to learn about caring for collections, family heirlooms, and other precious items. Our special collections and archives unit is having a Preservation Drop-In on April 26 in honor of Preservation Week to share this vital information with you. Come learn some basic techniques to make your family treasures endure into the next generation.Read More...

Well-Read episode #24 - Current Events

Ann and Halle welcome fellow librarian Belinda to the show to talk about non-fiction books on current events. As always, we'll finish with what we're reading this week.



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