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"Pigbird"statute, created by Jeff Hensley  and Kevin O'Grady
"Pigbird," created by Jeff Hensley
and Kevin O'Grady

Big Pig Gig Summer Vaction logo. A cartoon pig looks out from iside an open suitcase
The Pigs from Cincinnati
on Summer Vacation
in Beaufort County, SC

July through the Labor Day weekend, 2001
Pig Dreams
"Pig Dreams"
Sponsored by the
Beaufort County Library
"CAM Ham "
Sponsored by the
Hilton Head ISland location
of Beaufort County Library

(Above images: Cincinnati "Pig Pig Gig" )

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Pig News:
Vacationing Pig Missing!

Swine Finale


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Pig Pork-Folio
General Information
about Pigs

• See also "Cows on Vacation" -- last year's barnyard bash!

About the "Big Pig Gig"
(Library Report of 2001)

Thirty-one porcine statues from last year's Cincinnati's "Big Pig Gig" collection of over 400 fiberglass art figures have arrived on summer vacation in Beaufort County and the surrounding area . In partnership with Artworks of Cincinnati, Arts Council of Beaufort County Executive Director Eric Holowacz is hosting the porkers through the Labor Day weekend. The pigs made their local debut at the Arts Council's June 11 annual meeting at which pork barbecue was served.

Businesses, organizations and individuals in the community have sponsored the pigs, as in last year's successful "Cows on Vacation" exhibit. See table below for "Big Pig Gig" locations and pictures.

The public can find color "Big Pig Gig" brochures at the Arts Council office (in the University of South Carolina Beaufort Performing Arts Center on Carteret Street; telephone 843/521-4144), as well as at other locations in the community. The USC Book Store will be selling T-shirts, tote bags, ball caps, and posters related to the event. (To print out out a handy Pig Directory location sheet, click here .)

Holowacz reported that a Public Art Fund has been established "to raise dedicated funds for future commissioning of permanent public art" and is seeking sponsors for additional fiberglass pigs that local schools, organizations and artists will create as part of the project. These eight "Beaufort Big Pigs" will be installed over the summer and will remain in the Beaufort community after the "Big Pig Gig" event concludes. For more information on the expected completion dates "Beaufort Big Pigs," contact the Arts Council of Beaufort County by e-mail at pig@ beaufort

The Arts Council will be "farming out" these "Beaufort Big Pigs" to smaller communities that may want to sponsor "Mini Pig Gigs" of their own. Contact director Eric Holowacz at pig@ beaufort for more details.


  • Harley, Cathy Harter. "Big Pig Gig on Vacation." The Beaufort Gazette, July 1, 2001; p. 1.

  • Telephone interview with Eric Holowacz on July 11, 2001.

Swine Finale!
(September 1, 2001)

Big Pig Jig
at the
Port Royal
Community Family Reunion

Paris Avenue, between 8th and 10th Streets

The Town of Port Royal and
The Arts Council of Beaufort County
cordially invite you to a farewell celebration for
Cincinnati's Big Pig Gig Summer Vacation

7:30 p.m.: Reception for Sponsors, Dignitaries, and Press
8:00 p.m.: Introduction and Thanks
8:15 p.m.: Entertainment on the Band Stage
8:45 p.m.: Mayor's Big Pig Jig Welcome

Followed by Street Dance Celebration
on Paris Avenue

Free and Fun!

"Big Pig Gig" Locations and Pig-tures
Click on pig name or photo for bigger images
& pictures of the pigs in Beaufort!

... or go straight to the Big Pig Gig Photo Gallery,
"Swine Art" Museum

of the
Locations in

Visit these
Sow Sites
and Pig Places
Sponsors and

The Nice Folks
Who Loaned
a Pig or Two
Local Big Pig

Amelia Pig-Art
Amelia Pig-Art
Created by: Students of Jennifer Drydyk
Penn Center,
York W. Bailey Museum Lobby
Amelia High School John and Charlene Sprague
Beaufort Big Pig #1:
see TIG Pig



Beaufort Big Pig #2

Created by : Lady's Island Elementary School Art Camp Students; Teachers Christine Kotarsky, Nella Beyer & Ronnette Stewart

West Street Pork Chop
Created by local artists named at left
Lady's Island Elementary School Art Camp, Arts Council of Beaufort County, Beaufort Art Association, Main Street Beaufort

Beaufort Big Pig #3: Watermel-oink


Created by : Lisa Rentz

Craven Street Park

Created by local artist named at left
Renaissance Communities & Charles Ausburn
Beaufort Big Pig #4
Created by: Coosaw Boys & Girls Club
County Complex or Beaufort Boys & Girls Club
Created by local artists named at left
Publix Supermarket Charities
Beaufort Big Pig #5: Sowolina

Created by: Del Holt
Gardens Corner Piggly Wiggly
Created by local artist named at left
Piggly Wiggly Carolina, Lowcountry National Bank, University of South Carolina Beaufort, Arts Council of Beaufort County Members
Beaufort Big Pig #6
TO BE INSTALLED OVER THE SUMMER Created by : Stephanie Johnson & Beaufort High School Students
Alfreda's Sea Islander's Home
Created by local artists named at left
Alfreda's Sea Islander's Home
Beaufort Big Pig #7
TO BE INSTALLED OVER THE SUMMER Created by : Beaufort Elementary School Students
Beaufort Elementrary School
Created by local artists named at left
Arts Council of Beaufort County, Lowcountry National Bank, Beaufort Art Association, Artists for the Pigs, Mary Whisonant, Visual Arts & Patricia Powers
Beaufort Big Pig #8
TO BE INSTALLED OVER THE SUMMER Created by : Port Royal Elementary School Students
Port Royal Pig
Created by local artists named at left
Artists for the Pigs, Town of Port Royal, Arts Council of Beaufort County Members
Big Nutcracker Boy
Big Nutcracker Boy
Created by: Chris Paine
Beaufort Museum
Blanche Maier Merrill Lynch

Blues Brother
Blues Brother

Created by: Melissa Day

Berry Island and Newpoint Corners on Lady's Island Art Works logo Newpoint Corners
Businesses -- Berry Island, Wellspring Holistic Therapies, New York Life, Monthly Payment Plan, Island Wellness Shoppe, Mystic Blu


Created by: Patrick Sr., Patrick Jr, and Thomas Romelli

Hilton Head Island
11 Beach City Road
Art Works logo Beaufort County
Public Library System

Chamboar of

Chamboar of Commerce

Created by: Thomas S. Owen

Beaufort Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center, (Interior) Greater Cincinnati
Chamber of Commerce
Greater Beaufort
Chamber of Commerce
Cured Ham Sandwich
Cured Ham sandwich
Created by: Steve McGowan

Colleton County Memorial Library,

Ohio Hydralics, Inc. Piggly Wiggly Carolina,
Colleton County Arts Council, Beaufort County Arts Council
Eleanor Pigsby
Eleanor Pigsby
Created by: Julie A. Burkhardt's Art Students

Beaufort County
School District

Notre Dame Academy

Fine Arts Office,
Beaufort County Schools

Created by: Anthony Becker

Town of Port Royal, Paris Avenue at Town Hall Karen Maier Town of Port Royal

Freqoink Flyer
Freqoink Flyer

Created by: Julia M. Schultz

Beaufort Travel, Oaks Shopping Center, Lady's Island
Julia M. Schultz Beaufort Travel
Glimmer, Glimmer
& Swine

Blimmer, Glimmer and Swine
Created by: Brian Mehring
Old Post Office Coffeehaus,
Port Royal
Art Works logo Piggly Wiggly Carolina
and Lowcounty National Bank

Ham & Swiss
on Rye to Go

Ham and Swiss on Rye to Go
Created by: Peter N. Kurias

Beaufort Memorial Hospital

Liz and Jaime Nunez
Howell, Gibson, and Hughes, P. A.
Hamlich Maneuver
Hamlich Maneuver
Created by: Lynn Judd
Ridgepointe Square,
Art Works logo
Cultural Council of Jasper County

Hammin' on Main
Hammin' on Main
Created by: Barbara Ahlbrand

Mall at Shelter Cove,
Hilton Head Island (Interior)

Pepsi Cola Bottlers, Inc.
Mall at Shelter Cove,
Hilton Head Island
Created by: Nagel Middle School
Ridgepointe Square,
Tom Whittington
Town of Ridgeland
In the Piginning
In the Piginning
Created by: Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy

Lowcountry National Bank,
Lady's Island

Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy

Lowcountry National Bank, Artists for the Pigs, Beaufort Art Association

Mason Dixon Swine
Mason Dixon Swine
Created by: Suzanne L. Fisher
On the hoof: Various interior locations around Beaufort County
Suzanne Steele
Beaufort Art Association, Visual Arts & Patricia Powers. Rhett House Inn, Harriet Keyserling, Lowcountry Weekly, Arts Council Members, Charles Street GAllery/Lyalls & Georgia Phillips

Miss Sowciety

Miss Sowciety
Created by: Lynn Judd

Verdier House,
2nd floor piazza
Melody Sawyer Richardson
Historic Beaufort Foundation
Paddle Squealer
Paddle Sqealer
Created by: Chris Reiff
Waterfront Park
Dan Tscheiner
Spring Island Residents
Pig Appeal
Pig Appeal
Created by: Josiane Trageser
Beaufort City Hall Lobby
Judy Schwartz
Svalina Law Firm
Pig Dreams
Pig Dreams
Created by: Brian Joiner

Beaufort County Public Library
311 Scott Street

Acme Construction Services
Beaufort County Public Library
Created by: Lynn Judd
Barnwell Bluff at Boundary Street
Creekwood Construction
City of Beaufort and Mayor Bill Rauch, Main Street Beaufort, Lowcountry Weekly,
K. C. Newnham & Company, Harriet Keyserling, Twice Baked Bread Company, Sea Island Wine & Provisions


Created by: Jeff Hensley
and Kevin O'Grady

Islands Community Bank at
21 and 170

Islands Community Bank
Pigment of
our Imagination

Pigment of our Imagination
Created by: Students of Charlotte Skurow and Gail Wissel, assisted by Gayke Shova

Coastal Discovery Museum,
Hilton Head Island

Edwin H. Green Intermediate School
Kennickell Print & Communications



Created by: Holly Schapker

Cannon Park at Bay and Carteret Streets
Art Works logo
Artists for the Pigs --
J. Alexandra Sharma, Roger L. Steele, Rebecca Davenport, Juxtaposition, Bay Street Gallery, Mary Whisonant


Created by: Ken Page

Logan Park,
Bay Street by Beaufort Elementary School

Susan Schneider
Leslie & Chery Ann Hendricks, Rhett House Inn, Lowcountry Real Estate,
The Beaufort Gazette, Stephen C. Leverton, Shirley and Mike Baitz, Shirley Parsons

Self Porktrait
Self Porktrait

Created by: Vicki Lanzador
& Ayer Elementary Students

Mall at Shelter Cove,
Hilton Head Island

Artworks logo.
Mall at Shleter Cove,
Hilton Head Island

Sowmwhere over
the Rainbow

Sowmwhere over the Rainbow
Created by: Students of Susan Vater, Anderson High School

Lowcountry Medical Group,
Shell Point/
Port Royal

Ken Rankle
Town of Port Royal

Sowtue of Liberty
Sowtue of Liberty
Created by: Susan Siegman
& Karen Ballinger

Parris Island Recreation Building
AAA of Cincinnati

B. Gen. J. J. McMenamin,
B. Gen. Stephen Cheney (Ret.),
City of Beaufort,
Town of Port Royal,
Publix Supermarket Charities

Created by: GBBN Architects
University of South Carolina Beaufort
Performing Arts Center
Rob Ratterman
University of South Carolina Beaufort

This Little Piggy
Went to Market

This Little Piggy Went to Market
Created by: Deborah Pille

Old Bay Market Place
Nan Stafford,
Remke Markets
Businesses of
Old Bay Market Place

Created by : Del Holt
Triangle Ice/
Broad River Bridge
Del Holt
Triangle Ice & Gas Company
Wake Up and
Smell the Bacon

Wake Up and Smell the Bacon
Created by: Lynn Rose

Perimeter Walk,
Highway 170

Art Works logo
The Stores at Perimeter Walk -- Furniture Warehouse, The Patio Shoppe, Rugs-n-More, The Baby's Room, Accents, Bedsmart

Bonus Pigs

"Unofficial" Piglets about Town

Mr. Hogpodge

Mr. Hodgepodge

Created by: Students of
Beaufort Elementary School

Located inside
Beaufort Elementary School
(1800 Prince Street, Beaufort)


Luau Pig

Luau Pig


Located inside
Beaufort County Public Library
(311 Scott Street, Beaufort),

home of Pig Dreams

(Sources for above images cited on the "Photo Gallery" pages)

See also:
Swine Finder! Big Pig Gig maps to print out & take along ...

Pig Pork-Folio
General Information
about Pigs

Dennis Adams
Information Services Coordinator
Beaufort County Public Library System

Parody portrait. Pig depicted as René Descartes, who wrote, "I think, therefore I am."
Pigs (family Suidae, genus Sus, species scrofa,) are members of the order Artiodactyla (hooved animals with even numbers of toes), including antelopes, camels, deer, goats, hippos, pronghorns, sheep, wild cattle and chevrotains -- small, hornless deer-like mammals. The Encyclopedia of Mammals traced wild pigs' natural distribution from across Europe southward to Africa, and eastward to Japan and the islands of Southeast Asia. Domesticated pigs quickly revert to the savage ways of their ancestors once they escape into the wild.
"I oink,
therefore I ham."
~ René Desporcs

Swine have always been with us. William F. Allman (in "The First Humans," U. S. News and World Report; February 27, 1989) wrote that Homo habilis, the first true human being, shared his East African habitat with pigs over 1.85 million years ago. In Civilizations of the Ancient Near East, Brian Hesse, citing evidence of domesticated pigs as early as the seventh millennium B. C., said that "wild pigs were widely distributed in the well-watered regions of the ancient Near East." Hogs ate and behaved differently than other livestock, so their keepers pursued an occupation apart from shepherds, goatherds and cattle breeders. The payoff was that pigs bred very fast and helped wanderers establish themselves in new settlements (the early Philistines were big-time pig farmers). Wild boars first came into North America with ancient human immigrants from Asia.

The Chinese, wrote Reay Tannahill in Food in History, liked pigs because they ate scraps from the table, matured within a year, produced two litters of as many as twelve piglets each year, and shared the same roof with their keepers. "Meat" and "pork" are one word in the Chinese language.

Some words in the English language pertain to pigs and pigs alone, as these examples from the Illustrated Reverse Dictionary (edited by John Elliston Kahn) and the Enyclopedia Americana illustrate:

SHOAT: a newly-weaned pig.

DAM: the female parent of those piglets.

GILT: a young sow or female piglet that has not yet produced a litter.

FARROW: a group of pigs produced ar a single birth, also LITTER. The verb, TO FARROW, is what happens when pigs give birth.

PURTENANCE: pig offal used in cooking, also FRY, HASLET, PLUCK.

CHAP: pig's cheek or jaw, used as food.

PETTITOES or TROTTERS: pig's feet, used as food.

BARROW: a male pig castrated when young.

STAG: a male pig castrated when mature.

WASH: garbage used to feed pigs, also SLOP, SWILL.

MAST: beech nuts and acorns used as pig feed.

And one of our library patrons recalls that farmers in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley called piglets "BACON SPROUTS" in the earlier half of the 20th century.

According to the Statistical Abstract of the United States, 19,308,000,000 pounds of pork were produced (an 18,945,000,000 consumed) nationally in 1999. In 2000, there were 59.4 million hogs and pigs on American farms, with a total value of 4.3 billion dollars. The South Carolina Agricultural Service reported a statewide hog and pig inventory of 300,000 for 1997 (no figures were given for Beaufort County "to avoid disclosure of individual operations" or because any inventory was "insignificant").

Let these swinish sayings from Burton Stevenson (The Home Book of Proverbs, Maxims and Familiar Phrases) and Gregory Y. Titelman (Random House Dictionary of Popular Proverbs and Sayings) round off our discussion:

A THING … ANY PIG WOULD KNOW (that is, "Something very commonly known") was a Greek proverb repeated by Plato around 375 B. C.


DON'T BUY A PIG IN A POKE ("Don't buy anything without carefully examining it") dates back to an English collection of proverbs published in 1546 and first appeared in the North American colonies in 1732. "Poke" is an old Dutch word for "sack." In the German saying ("Die Katze im Sack kaufen"), the animal is a cat instead of a pig. A variant from 1400, "When me profereth the pigge, open the poghe," means "Seize the opportunity."

IF A PIG HAD WINGS, IT COULD FLY ("What you say is just wishful thinking") is first attested in 1862 (in Proverbs of Scotland), though Lewis Carroll's Walrus asked "whether pigs had wings" three years later in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. In 1639, John Clarke wrote that "Pigs fly in the air with their tails forward."

PIGS ARE PIGS ("Bad people are bad people, wherever they come from") goes back to 1822. But Samuel Johnson (1784) said, "Pigs are a race unjustly calumniated. Pig has, it seems, not been wanting to man, but man to pig. We do not allow time for his education: we kill him at a year old."

( Henderson, Scottish Proverbs, 1832).

(Torriano, 1666).

Sausage Links: Web "Sow Sites"

  • Big Pig Gig The official home page of the Cincinnati pigfest. Find photos of the original 400+ fiberglass hogs, sows and piglets.

  • The Pork Intelligencer Read the "Online Swine Grapevine" of the Seattle "Pigs on Parade" event.

  • Breeds of Livestock, from the Department of Animal Science at Oklahoma State University, has pictures and facts on many varieties of swine.

  • Pig Latin "Translation": Bell Labs Text-to-Speech Synthesis Enter any combination of words or cut-and-paste a text to hear synthesized pig latin renditions. This "fun aside of a serious Bell Labs project" lets you choose a voice type (man, woman or child) and speed (fast, normal, slow)!

    Pig Latin translation of above: (Ig-pay Atin-lay "Anslation-tray": Ell-bay Abs-lay Ext-tay-ootay-Eech-spay Ynthesis-say
    Enter-ay any-hay ombination-cay of-ay urds-way or-ay utcay-and-ay-ayst-pay a-hay ext-tay oo-tay ear-hay ynthesized-say ig-pay atin-lay enditions-ray. Iss-thay "un-fay aside-ay of-ay a-hay erious-say Ell-Bay Abs-lay oject-pray" ets-lay oo-yay ooze-chay a-yay oice-vay ipe-tay (an-may, ooman-way or-ay iled-chay) and-ay eed-spay (ast-fay, ormal-nay, oh-slay )!

Pig Pig Gig Merhcndise included t-shirts, tote bags, baseball caps and posters

Sold during the
Event by

University of South Carolina Beaufort
Book Store

Sandstone Building
801 Carteret Street
Beaufort, SC 29902

TEL: 843/521-4120

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Beaufort photos by Michael Broam & Scott Strawn
Web Page by Dennis Adams

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