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The completed Lobeco Branch Library
The completed Lobeco Branch Library
Lobeco Branch Library Construction Project
Construction sand out side building.  Old framework has been removed from the windows

Early January

Photos by Scott Strawn

Early January

Scaffolding inside building. On the back wall is a children's art mural of people of various occupations
Red scaffolding inside building for workers installing support beams
Second view of scaffolding. Back wall mural shows people of variou professions


Exit door and windows with old framework removed  
Vertical support beams and steel ceiling braces
Buiding interior with view of mural of people of various professions
Wooden framework inside the library to begin manager's office area.  Back wall mural is to the right
Steel supports for wooden ceiling
Back wall children's art mural of adults of various occupations
Interior vertical support beam. A painting of children at play is in the background
Sawhorses and workers' platform in the Library interior
Workman installing vertical support beams inside Library
Interior view of exposed ceiling beams and joists
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