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Homework Advice for Parents

Patricia Porter
Beaufort County Public Library Homework Center

Four things you can do to help your child with homework:

  1. Show you think that education and homework are important. Children are more eager to do homework if they know their parents care that it gets done. Set a regular time for homework. Pick a quiet place to study with lots of light. Set a good example by reading and writing yourself. Your child learns what things are important by watching what you do. Encourage educational activities. Go on walks in the neighborhood, trips to the zoo and encourage chores that teach responsibility. Read with your young child. This activity stimulates interest in reading and language, and lays the foundation for your child's becoming a lifelong reader. take your child to the library and encourage him or her to check out materials needed for homework. Talk about school and learning activities. Attend school activities, such as parent-teacher meetings.
  2. Check on your child's work. How closely you watch over homework will depend on the age of your child, how independent he or she is, and how well he or she does in school. Ask what the teacher expects. At the start of the school year, find out what kinds of assignments will be given and how the teacher wants you involved. Check to see what assignments are started and finished on time. If you aren't home when the homework is finished, look it over when you get home. Monitor television viewing and other activities.
  3. Provide guidance. The basic rule in helping with homework is, "Don't do the child's homework yourself. It's not your homework -- it's your child's." Figure out how your child learns best. Knowing this makes it easier for you to help your child. Encourage good study habits. Talk about assignments and ask questions. This helps your child think through an assignment and break it into small, workable parts. Give praise. People of all ages like to be told when they have done a good job. And give helpful criticism when your child hasn't done the best work, so that he or she can improve.
  4. Talk with someone at school if problems come up. If homework problems do arise, everyone needs to work together to resolve them -- the school, teachers, parents and students. Call or meet with the teacher. Believe that the school and the teacher want to help you and your child.

This information is based on "Helping Your Child with Homework", one of a number of booklets for parents published by the U. S. Department of Education. Free copies are available on a first-come basis from the National Library of Education, 1-800-424-1616.

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