Quiet place to be
Wind through my hair
Brightness surrounding the air
(Submitted by Carol L.)

Wind in the air and sun on my skin
Sand surrounding my feet
Life is oh so very sweet
(Submitted by Joey L.)

Calm ocean waves
Kiss the sand softly
Recede and whisper, I'll be back
(Submitted by Mary)

CLOP; clip-CLOP; clip-CLOP.
Belgians plod, hauling cargo.
Beaufort tourists gawk.
(Submitted by Brenda Beasley-Forrest)

Aromas swirling
Salted air, pluff mud, lilies
a Beaufort Easter
(Submitted by Library Staff)

Sunshiney river
Birds darting; dipping
Insect buzzing stops
(Submitted by Lin Mix)

Little hummocks in the river
Cool breeze blowing over
Tide's coming in
(Submitted by Lin Mix)

Fire flares above
Errant cotton's set ablaze
Death becomes the day
(Submitted by Cameron W.)

Striped umbrellas stand
Along the sandy beaches
Lifeguards keeping watch
(Submitted by Lynda Slesinski)

Flowers and trees bud
it's time for the Heritage
Great Beaufort County
(Submitted by Betsy Hahn)

Sailboats hoisting sails
White caps slap against their bows
Spring winds set their course
(Submitted by Lynda Slesinski)

The dark brown salt marsh
dresses in green finery
and announces Spring
(Submitted by Sue Ann O'Sullivan)

Low country river
Sweet nursery of the ocean
Mother of bounty
(Submitted by Sue Ann O'Sullivan)

tiny patch of green
grass of moonlit forest floor
a deer lies sleeping
(Submitted by Mary Donnelly Baranski)

Paw prints left on beach
Back to you sure as the tide
Home is in your arms
(Submitted by C.M. O'Brien)

Everyone loves a
storytime to play and sing
and come together.
(Submitted by library staff)

A flock of woodstorks
Turning semaphores against the
sea blue morning sky
(Submitted by Barbara Murphy)

Waves thunder and roar
Salty sand floats around you
one's self is at ease
(Submitted by Ben Ranney)

Salty air, pluff mud
bursts of flowering colors
winter's ship has sailed.
(Submitted by Anon.)

The spanish moss blows
Along the silvery sea
As the boats sail by
(Submitted by Mardi Pfeifer)

Rivers in and out
twisting through the Spartina
tide turns rivers gone.
(Submitted by Pam)

Threads that unravel
The blanket of college days
Here I freeze in May
(Submitted by Denise Friday)

Lowcountry sunrise
Beaufort River, sheet of glass
the boats float in peace
(Submitted by Anonymous)

Beautiful Beaufort
ancient oaks dripping with moss
such stories they tell
(Submitted by Library staff)