Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find eAudiobooks?
In the 3M Cloud Library, click the Categories tab and choose "Only Audiobooks" or "E-books and Audiobooks."

How long can I check out an eBook? 
14 days. The book will automatically check back in at the end of the 14 day period. At this time, 3M does not offer renewals; however, if no other customer is on hold for the book, you can check it out again. If you utilize the bookmark feature, the 3M Cloud Library will syncronize your last bookmark saved during a previous checkout of the title.

How many eBooks can I check out at one time?
You can checkout 5 eBooks at one time.

How many holds can I have at one time?
You can have 5 eBooks on hold at one time. Customers now have 3 days to check out eBook holds, from the date of notification. (Once the item has been checked out, customers have 14 days to read the eBook.) For instance, if a customer has an eBook on hold, they will receive a notification that the eBook is ready for checkout. They have 3 days from that notification to checkout the eBook. Once the eBook is "checked out," it will expire in 14 days. If the eBook is not checked out with the 3 days, the eBook will go to the next person on the hold list.

Why don't I see my favorite author's eBooks?
Not all books that are available in print are available as eBooks. Sometimes publishers don't sell their eBooks to libraries. The eBook market is constantly evolving. We will do our best to meet the requests of our customers.

How many copies of a particular eBook are available? 
The term “eBook” may be deceiving. It might be assumed that since it is a digital copy of a book, there will be an infinite number of copies available, therefore no holds-lists. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Only one customer can ‘checkout’ a copy of an eBook at a time. Once that eBook is checked in, it will go to the next customer. If the library owns 3 digital copies of a particular title, there will be 3 digital copies circulating.

Can I read my checked-out eBooks without an Internet connection?
If you have downloaded the book onto your device (iPad, Android or PC) and you do not have an internet connection, most of the app will not work (Shelves, Categories and search) as these require internet access. However, you should still be able to open any books from the My Books tab and read them, but the synchronizing of your most current page will not update to the cloud.

Can I read these books on my Kindle?
At the time of this writing, the standard Kindle is not compatible; however customers that use the Kindle Fire TABLET have had success with the 3M Cloud Library. View instructions.

Can I browse the eBook collection before installing the application?
Yes. Visit our 3M Cloud Library. In order to checkout or place an eBook on hold, you must login with your library card number and password. (Installing the app is necessary to read an eBook.)

What does the error message “Device Activation Failed, Too many activations for Adobe ID” mean?
You are limited to 6 devices connected to your 3M account. To have this reset please send an email to to get this reset. You will have to re-register all your devices.

Will you offer training
Yes. The Beaufort County Library will offer classes to the public soon. In the meantime, we encourage you to view 3M’s tutorial videos.

NEED MORE ANSWERS? Visit 3M's "Frequently Asked Questions" page here. Or contact one of our Reference Librarians during operating hours.