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  Title Lastname Firstname Nickname See Also Notes Paper Day Month Year Reference
View A
View Allen Sadie Causey, (Mrs.) Sadie Allen
View Anderson Charlotte Carter Fletcher, Charlotte Carter Anderson (Mrs. Boyd C. III)
View Anderson Emily Vera McConnell, Emily Vera Anderson (Mrs. G.L.)
View Askew Virginia Elizabeth Greene, Virginia Elizabeth Askew (Mrs. Arthur Nathaniel)
View B
View Barker Florence Berry, Florence Barker (Mrs. Walter Douglas, Jr.)
View Belford Linda Lee Hiller, Linda Lee Belford Roberts (Mrs. Thomas Edward)
View Benfield Sara Francis Harris, Sara Francis Benfield (Mrs. Elliott Pierson)
View Benjamin Abe Misdated September 24); p. 1. Beaufort Gazette
View Bing Jessie Lee Godfrey, Jessie Lee Bing (Mrs. Leroy, Sr.)
View Bischoff Lucie A. (Mrs. Donald) Strayer, Lucie A. Bischoff (Mrs. Luther M., Jr.)
View Bisset Claire Audrey Malool, Claire Audrey Bisset (Mrs.)
View Black Julius Wescoat Out of sequence, appears after December 1944on microfilm); p. 1. Beaufort Gazette
View Blume Fairy Belle Morris, Fairy Belle Blume (Mrs. Willie Herman)
View Bogartz Pearl (Mrs. Harry) ("Nana Pearl") Sacks, Pearl Bogartz (Mrs. David)
View Bonomini Clorinda M. ("Linda") Anderson, Clorinda M. Bonomini (Mrs. Arnold J. "A. J.")
View Booth Beverly Taylor, Beverly Booth (Mrs. B. Loyall)
View Bost Nancy Lynn Smith, Nancy Lynn Bost (Mrs. Larry E.)
View Bowden Margie Elizabeth Weaver, Margie Elizabeth Bowden (Mrs. James Woodrow)
View Brennecke Myra Frances Dwyer, Myra Frances Brennecke (Mrs. Joseph Leo)
View Breyfogle Patricia Ann McBrayer, Patricia Ann Breyfogle (Mrs. Ralph)
View Brinson Ida McCants, Ida Brinson (Mrs. Jerome Bright)
View Brown Deborah Morford, Deborah Brown (Mrs. Joseph V.)
View Brown Helene Maye Johnson, Helene Maye Brown Johnson Whalen (Mrs. Arnold H.)
View Brown Ruby Graves, Ruby Brown (Mrs. Andrew M.)
View Bryant Marie Esaw, Marie Bryant (Mrs. Isaac)
View Buchan Clara Creighton, Clara Buchan (Mrs. Walter R.)
View Buchanan Margaret Catherine ("Marge") Reid, Margaret Catherine Buchanan (Mrs. Donald Gene)
View Buldhaupt Marion Louise Boyd, Marion Louise Buldhaupt
View Bushart Bea Ramsey, Bea Bushart (Mrs. W. Clayton)
View C
View Cabana Lois Jean Skelton, Lois Jean Cabana (Mrs. George)
View Calivas Kathleen Bethea, Kathleen Calivas (Mrs. Harvey B.)
View Campbell Rose Mary Jones, Rose Mary Campbell (Mrs. Joseph)
View Cannon Emily Martin, Emily Cannon (Mrs. Bill)
View Capehart Susan Martin Hardy, Susan Martin Capehart (Mrs. John William)
View Cataldi Rosemarie Cotter, Rosemarie Cataldi (Mrs. William)
View Cheney Carol Swett, Carol Cheney (Mrs. Robert W.)
View Cline Betty J. ("BJ") Redfield, Betty J. Cline (Mrs. David H.)
View Cloutier Donna Marie Croft, (Mrs.) Donna Marie Cloutier
View Conard Teresa Schaller, Teresa Ives (Mrs. Matthew J.)
View Conners Minnie G. Conradi, Minnie G. Conners (Mrs. Charles)
View Cook Lilly Horton, Lilly Cook (Mrs. Ernest)
View Cook Rebecca Price, (Mrs.) Rebecca Cook
View Corbett Nancy Jean Kettering, Nancy Jean Corbett (Mrs. Alfred)
View Coull Margaret Milne Drumm, Margaret Milne Coull (Mrs. Joseph Thomas)
View Crabb Margie Hudson (Mrs. John Milton) ("Marnie") Crabb-Christ, Margie Hudson (Mrs. Leonard Christ)
View Craddock Ruby Mixson, Ruby Craddock (Mrs. Steadie)
View Crang Marilyn Carscallen Bowler, Marilyn Carscallen Crang (Mrs. Joseph, Jr.)
View Cress Nancy Jane Van Buren, Nancy Jane Cress (Mrs. Jim)
View Crosby Brenda Thompson McKibben, Brenda Thompson Crosby (Mrs. R. Lewis)
View Cummings Holly Jean Konoza, Holly Jean Cummings (Mrs. Michael G.)
View Cunningham Barbara Morrow, Barbara Cunningham (Mrs. Arthur)
View Curry Helen Gannon, Helen Curry (Mrs. Robert)
View Czajkowski Mildred Ann ("Millie") Zachowski, Mildred Ann Czajkowski (Mrs. Walter A.)
View D
View Darling Elizabeth McCutchen, Elizabeth Darling (Mrs. John Hanna)
View Davies Rosemary Fuller, Rosemary Davies (Mrs. Arthur A.)
View Dearman Xena Belle Blair, Xena Belle Dearman (Mrs. William Allan)
View DeFloria Mayna Elizabeth Price, Mayna Elizabeth DeFloria (Mrs. Walter N.)
View Dennis Emma Washington, Emma J. Dennis (Mrs. John)
View DeRose Dorothy C. ("Nana") Maloney, Dorothy C. DeRose (Mrs. Edward)
View Dinwiddie Miriam Dougherty, Miriam Dinwiddie (Mrs. Jack D.)
View Donaldson Betty Lucille Sobol, Betty Lucille Donaldson (Mrs. Elmer G.)
View Donnelly Karen Maureen Touzeau, Karen Maureen Donnelly (Mrs.)
View Dorsey Angeline (Mrs. Cleo C.) ("Janie") Bleach, Angeline Dorsey (Mrs.); Dorsey, Angeline Bleach (Mrs. Cleo C.)
View Duignan Elizabeth T. ("Beti") Rice, Elizabeth T. Duignan Miller (Mrs. Jim)
View Dunn Betty Jackson, Betty Dunn (Mrs. William)
View E
View Maj. Elliott Charles Pinckney (NOTE out of sequence, appears after December 1944 on microfilm); p. 1. Beaufort Gazette
View Elmore Frances Carroll, Frances Elmore (Mrs. James Allen, Jr.)
View Evans Gayle Thrift, Gayle Evans Mills (Mrs. C. A.)
View Evans Kathleen ("Rose") Shank, Kathleen Evans Jordan (Mrs.)
View F
View Faigelman Beatrice Lillian Chait, Beatrice Lillian (Mrs. William)
View Faris Katheryn Haskell, Katheryn Faris (Mrs. Samuel Rhea)
View Fell Diane Miles, Diane Fell (Mrs. Eddie D.)
View Ferguson Margaret Perry, Margaret Ferguson (Mrs. Julius Raymond, Sr.)
View Fields Florine E. ("Candy") Wood, Florine E. Fields
View Fisch Dorothie Gillick, Dorothie Fisch (Mrs. William Campbell)
View Fleming Geneva Mock, Geneva Fleming (Mrs. James Henry, Jr.)
View Fleming Maye Anderson, Maye Fleming (Mrs. Joseph Shilling)
View Friedemann June Londos Bishop, June Londos Friedemann (Mrs. J. Russell)
View Fripp Elise ("Leezie") Bringle, Elise Fripp (Mrs. Robert L.)
View Fulcher Lin Curtiss, Lin Fulcher (Mrs. Peter)
View G
View Gaines Doris Johnson, Doris Gaines (Mrs. James A.)
View Garfold Dolores A. ("Dee") Bove, Dolores A. Garfold (Mrs. Alfonso)
View Gibbs Annie Lee (Mrs. Alexander, Sr.) Sumpter, Annie Lee Gibbs (Mrs. Thomas Harry)
View Gibbs Pattie Reid Ward, Pattie Reid Gibbs (Mrs. Aaron C.)
View Gilchrist Lura Earle, Lura Gilchrist (Mrs. Samuel Broadus, Jr.)
View Giles Joyce Kent, Joyce Giles (Mrs. Harold W.)
View Godwin Mary Irene Wells, Mary Irene Godwin (Mrs. Jess W.)
View Good Virginia Maxine Adams, Virginia Maxine Good (Mrs. John Adair)
View Goodwin Jane Lawing, Jane Goodwin (Mrs. James Roy)
View Grant Marguerite Hartford, Marguerite Grant
View Gray Ann Lubkin, Ann Gray (Mrs. Allen S.)
View Gray Mary Frances Puckett, (1stSgt.) Mary Frances Gray
View Green Jessica McCants, Jessica Green (Mrs.)

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