Summer Reading Program is for Adults, Too!

Most of our blog readers are old enough to probably have fond memories of participating in the Summer Reading programs at their public library during their childhood. I know that I do. Even then, I was a voracious reader and because of the proximity of our house to the library, I could make two round-trips a day to get new (to me) books to devour.

Well, like us, Summer Reading Programs have grown up - and now often include an Summer Reading Program for Grown-Ups. Although it takes longer to read a book now (average 500 pages per historical novel as compared to 25 pages for Blueberries for Sal in the 1960s), it's so easy to participate in the Library system's Adult Summer Reading Program "Between the Covers" that I do it myself!

Participants can read a traditional book, an e-book, or listen to an audio book, submit a short review (in person at one of the branch libraries OR online), and qualify for the drawing. (Staff cannot win any prizes, though. Those are for our library customers!) As long as you read or listen to one book and submit your review before July 21st, you qualify as a participant. Can't get much easier than that!

The rules are found at

The online form for submitting your review of 3 or more sentences or a creative form (e.g., poem) is found at

And, although most of the SRP activities and events are geared towards children, some of the programs would be interesting to adults, too. Take a look at the calendar. You might find some you'd enjoy. Happy Reading (or Listening)!