Show Your Love for Libraries

Public libraries are tasked with serving a broad swath of the American public, from birth to the grave, with an ever broadening variety of materials and technologies. Yes, we serve school children but we also have to serve the toddler, the mother, the great-grandfather. We struggle to adapt to evolving needs and expectations of our community while maintaining older strategies of knowledge dissemination always under financially constricted conditions. It is a constant juggling act - usually with insufficient funds and staff to do all that we need to do for our communities.

National Library Week is a time to stand up for libraries during a time when libraries continue to face challenges from a combination of recession-driven financial pressures, government neglect at many levels, and the threat of elimination or de-professionalization of school and public library programs throughout the country.

Read the Beaufort District Collections blog, Connections,for suggestions on how you can show your love for libraries. (