Please "Like" the BDC on FACEBOOK

Libraries are all about using social media tools to understand what our communities want from us and share what it is that libraries provide for our communities. You'll see that we have a new block "Follow Us" on the left side of the library's homepage. You have your pick of which branch you'd like to follow. If you are in Bluffton, you'd probably want to be sure to befriend Bluffton Branch. If you use Lobeco Branch as your home library, you'd probably want to be sure to befriend Lobeco Branch. But, since the BDC reaches out to all the branch libraries with materials, programs and services, you most definitely want to befriend us, the BDC, regardless of your Beaufort County Library system home library.

The BDC Facebook page will concentrate on our scope and mission. We want to start a conversation about the local history services and programs offered through the Beaufort District Collection. Accordingly, consider the BDC.BCL Facebook page as an online spot where you can tell us what you think and ask us questions about what it is that we do - or don't do.

Every day I am in the office, I will post at least one Facebook entry relating to the library's role in matters of local history, culture, genealogy, archaeology, and the environment; or activities around the County relevant to our scope; or, on matters of advocacy for cultural heritage institutions, libraries, and archives.
Feel free to ask a question about our local history library services or programs. I'll do my best to respond quickly to your inquiry.

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