More About Native Son, Robert Barnwell Rhett

Just received in the BDC Research Room: South Carolina Historical Magazine, July-October 2011 issue which includes an article by William K. Scarborough entitled "Propagandists for Secession: Edmund Ruffin of Virginia and Robert Barnwell Rhett of South Carolina," pp. 126 - 138. His conclusion is "In the end, their misguided efforts succeeded only in bringing tragedy to themselves and the society they had fought to protect."

This special issue is dedicated to the causes of secession in the state of South Carolina with an introductory essay by State Archivist, Eric Emerson, "Why They Seceded." He writes that "This issue is noteworthy because it offers further proof that South Carolina has taken a solid step toward putting aside, forever, interpretations of the war's causes and outcomes in which race or slavery play only a cursory role."

Don't forget to check out Larry Rowland and Steve Hoffius's The Civil War in South Carolina: Selections from the South Carolina Historical Magazine available through our Local History sections at call number 973. 7757 CIV.