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The Beaufort District Collection's Online Obituary Index

Family Tree Magazine
Their “Guide to the 40 Best Genealogy Blogs for 2013” gives a thumbs up to those bloggers who have demonstrated that they are in it for the long haul. Categories include: Good Advice, Tech Support, Grave Matters, Heritage Help, Shop Talk, and Story Time.

Daughters of the American Revolution Genealogical Research System
The DAR Genealogical Research System (GRS) is a free resource provided by the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) to aid general genealogical research and to assist with the DAR membership process. The GRS is a collection of databases that provide access to the many materials amassed by the DAR since its founding in 1890.

South Carolina Family History Resources
It sometimes comes as a surprise to family historians that Beaufort County has not always been “Beaufort County.” Other political and administrative divisions have applied at different periods of time during the past: St. Helena parish, St. Luke parish, Granville, Hilton, Shrewsbury, etc. From 1769 to 1868, Beaufort District was a judicial district covering approximately 1920 square miles. In 1868, Beaufort District was re-named Beaufort County. In 1878, Beaufort County was split into Beaufort County and Hampton County. In 1912, both Beaufort County and Hampton County gave up territory to carve Jasper County within their midst.

The USGenWeb Project
A volunteer effort to provide free genealogy websites for genealogical research in every county and every state of the United States. This Project is non-commercial and fully committed to free genealogy access for everyone. Genealogy & Family History Pages
South Carolina’s Information Highway includes a list of South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Organizations, guides to County level research and links to some digital collections. 

South Carolina Genealogical Society, Inc
Has chapters in many parts of our state. Treatment is not consistent as some chapters have populated their pages more thoroughly than other county chapters. 

South Carolina Obituary Resources
Beaufort County Library, Richland County Library, and the State Library led the effort to create an online directory of public libraries that provide “South Carolina Obituary Resources.” 

SC Dept. of Archives and History (Columbia)
The depository of official state records from 1670 to the present. 

SC Archives Online Records Index
Of particular note is the Online Records Index database of records from SC Archives holdings indexed by topics, including: Will Transcripts (1782-1855); Records of Confederate Veterans (1909-1973); Plats for State Land Grants (1784-1868); Legislative Papers (1782-1866); Criminal Court Records (1769-1891); School Insurance Photographs (1935-1952); and National Register Properties. While this index covers only a small fraction of the holdings of the State Archives, searching the online records index first can be of immense importance and economical. 

The South Carolina Historical Society (Charleston) has several guides posted online to assist genealogical researchers:

The South Caroliniana Library (University of South Carolina, Columbia)
A repository for manuscripts and published materials documenting the state's social, political, literary and cultural heritage. 

Cyndi's List
A free and trusted genealogy research portal for genealogical collections posted on the internet. Use its categorized and cross-referenced index as a starting point when researching online.
Be sure to begin with the homepage

Lowcountry Afrigeneas
Sponsored by the Magnolia Plantation Foundation of Charleston, South Carolina, is a free website dedicated to African American genealogy and history in South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, home to the rich Gullah-Geechee cultural heritage. 

South Carolina Slaveholders: Genealogy and Records
The search for enslaved ancestors requires research in the records of slaveholding families. Researching a slaveholder's genealogy can be a time-consuming task, but fortunately, there are many genealogies for South Carolina slaveholders online. Lowcountry Afrigeneas makes that task easier with its South Carolina Slaveholders: Genealogy and Records page. which links you to online genealogy and records for SC slaveholders.