Choose Privacy Week

Privacy is a particularly slippery and amorphous issue, about which people hold a wide variety of opinions and beliefs, particularly in the post-9-11 world in which we live.

Libraries and library workers think about privacy issues a lot - and want our customers to think critically about privacy issues, too. Personal privacy issues touch everyone at virtually every stage of life, and even into death (e.g., access to the Social Security Death Index online), raising a universe of hard questions to be answered.

Sponsored by the ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF), Choose Privacy Week is an annual initiative inviting library users of all ages and backgrounds into a national conversation about privacy rights in a digital age. The theme for this year's Choose Privacy Week is "Freedom from Surveillance."

Libraries have been interested in maintaining the privacy of individuals. Beaufort County Library Board of Trustees adopted the American Library Association Core of Ethics years ago. It's part of our core values as library workers. Why? Because freedom of speech is meaningless without the freedom to read.

Click here [] for handout explaining why librarians and libraries insist upon empowering our customers to explore, research, and make choices based upon their individual needs.

Q: Where are the lines drawn between "right of privacy" and "right to know" today ?

The major source used in the preparation of this entry was Please explore the website - and think hard about where you stand on the issue of individual privacy rights.