Child Labor in Beaufort District Lecture This Thursday

We don't much think about the impact or prevalence of the practice of child labor these days. But it was indeed a critical issue at the turn of the last century in the United States even here in Beaufort County. And, remains an issue today.

The BDC has some images in our collection about the use of children in agriculture. The Library of Congress, the National Archives, and other archival repositories have placed some of their child labor related images and documents online for everyone to see and study. The lecture will show some of these to illustrate the power of images, particularly those of Lewis Hine, to affect change in the laws affecting the employment of children in manufacturing, canneries and agriculture here locally in Beaufort County.

Contemporary use of children as a cheap (and largely unprotected) labor force is a theme within the One County Reads One Country: Afghanistan project selection In The Sea There Are Crocodiles. Why not pick up a copy from any of our branch libraries and attend the book discussion group of your choice. Scheduled groups are in the Project Guide at, page 3).

Come learn about local child laborers during the free
"History of Child Labor in Beaufort District"
Presentation by Grace Cordial, BDC Manager
Thurs., Aug. 23rd
6:00 - 7:00 pm
2nd Floor, 311 Scott Street
(Upstairs in the Library building).

Anyone over age 12 interested in this local history topic is encouraged to attend.

*"One County Reads One Country: Afghanistan" has been made possible through a Library Services and Technology Act grant awarded to the Beaufort County Library and administered by the South Carolina State Library.