Beaufort County Library Patron Code of Conduct

The Board of Trustees of the Beaufort County Library has adopted the Code of Conduct to provide a welcoming environment for those using library facilities and resources.

Warnings are at the discretion of library staff. Failure to comply with the Library’s established regulations may result in removal from the premises, exclusion form the library system, termination of library privileges, and arrest or prosecution.

Regulations: The following are prohibited on Beaufort County Library property:

1. Any loud conversation or noise that disturbs or interrupts library customers.
2. Sitting on tables or putting feet on furniture.
3. Refusal to leave library at specified closing time.
4. Use of library telephones, computers, or other equipment without permission.
5. Mass use of library supplies/technology for personal, program, or meeting use, including staples, paper clips, or copy paper and copy machines without paying the fee.
6. Consuming food outside of designated areas. Closable plastic drinking containers are permitted.
7. Glass containers.
8. Sleeping.
9. Loitering anywhere on library grounds.
10. Bringing non-service pets/animals into a library or leaving them tied up outside.
11. Theft, defacement, or vandalism of library property or materials.
12. Leaving any child under the age of 8 unattended.
13. Leaving any child under the age of 12 in the library building without responsible supervision. (Youth ages 8-12 in the children’s area as long a parent / guardian is available another part of the building.)
14. Actions, behaviors, or comments that can be considered harassment, abusive or obscene toward other customers and/or library staff.
15. Use of rest rooms for inappropriate purposes.
16. The possession or use of alcohol or any illegal drug.
17. Possession of weapons of any kind, including camping and/or pocket knives.
18. Engaging in any sexual activity, sexual harassment, or indecent exposure including the public display of material inconsistent with the Internet Use Policy.
19. Failing to provide identification when asked.
20. Not being fully clothed, including not wearing shoes or a shirt.

Updated version approved by the Board of Trustees May 11, 2011