From the Beacon: Libraries kick off Black History Month celebration

While February brings the main holiday season to a close, it also marks one of the most important celebrations in American culture: the observance of Black History Month.

To celebrate, the Lobeco branch of the Beaufort County Public Library will be holding a workshop on African-American genealogy Wednesday with Ancestry Library Edition, a database used to help people trace their roots. Pre-registration is required. The Hilton Head branch will host a Gullah celebration Saturday. Marlena Smalls of the Hallelujah Singers will perform "Fa Da Chillun." Tickets for the performance, geared toward families and especially for children ages 3 to 8, are free. Seating is limited.

Of course, the Beaufort County Library has plenty oftitles such as "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and biographies on prominent African-Americans throughout history to help you observe Black History Month. Here are some of those titles from our history section:

"Growing up Black," edited by Jay David: This book offers variety as it traces the "trials and triumphs" of blacks from the slave trade through the 1960s. There are more than 20 childhood accounts, including from Maya Angelou.

"Black Wings; Courageous Stories of African-Americans in Aviation Space and History" by Von Hardesty: "Black Wings" is an inspiring account of the path black Americans took to reach the skies.

"The Routledge Atlas of African-American History," by Jonathan Earle: This quick overview of African-American history is divided into six time periods. The book covers black history beginning with the year 900 in Africa, and closes withinformation on the black population in the 1990s.