From the Beacon: Books to help new parents cope

There are books about baby care, discipline, preschool education and raising teens. There are so many books for new parents; how do you know which to choose? The library has many resources for expecting parents and new parents:

"New Baby Care" By Dr. Miriam Stoppard

Dr. Stoppard's book includes many photos and brief chapters that make the book easy to browse for busy (and tired!) parents. From delivery to toilet training, this book covers it all. Chapters include information on newborn behavior and equipment -- there is even a chapter devoted to crying. The book also includes practical help for introducing solids, weaning and coping with a sleepless child. Helpful step-by-step instructions with photos provide guidance for dressing a squirming baby, choosing shoes for toddlers, dealing with stains and bathing an infant.

"The New Father" By Armin A. Brott

This book is a guide just for dads for the first year of parenting. The book helps new fathers gain confidence while helping them understand "what's going on with the baby." The book provides tips for helping fathers to help mothers and understanding a baby's development.

"The Secret of Play" By Ann Pleshette Murphy

development of children ages 1 month to 12 years. The book includes milestones, explanations of behavior and frequent "how to have fun with it" sections designed to help parents turn challenging experiences into play that helps both parent and child cope with developmental changes. Chapters include the quizzical kid and the age of enthusiasm.

"Juggling Twins" By Meghan Regan-Loomis

Finally, a book for helping parents of multiples. "Juggling Twins" provides tips, tricks and strategies from pregnancy to the toddler years. The author gives a quick but helpful guide to the stuff you'll need to help you plan for the arrival of your little duo. Other chapters provide advice for parents of preemies, coping with sibling rivalry and other practical matters, such as "How to get in and out of your car and other things you thought you already knew how to do."

"Do Chocolate Lovers Have Sweeter Babies" By Jena Pincott

This book explains the science of pregnancy in an easy to understand and fun manner. The author discusses reasons for pregnancy changes, such as why dreams are more vivid, how music can help. It even includes a section on "daddyology."

The book also addresses more serious concerns, such as which genes do babies inherit only from mother, and whether a mother's diet affects genes.

The library also offers programs for parents and their young child to enjoy together.

The Bluffton library offers Lapsit sessions for newborns through age 2, featuring music, rhymes and short stories. Lapsit participants also receive a free growth chart that includes book recommendations for each child's age.

Most of the libraries offer storytime, and we love to see parents participate with their children. Call or visit your local library to get a schedule of programs.