Assistive Technology

Some of our branch libraries offer assistive technology for the blind or vision-impaired:

The Beaufort Branch Library offers the following Computer Aides for the Blind and Vision Impaired:

  • JAWS screen reader for the blind. New users, please call 255-6458 for training. (Generously provided by the LIONS CLUB.)
  • Zoom Text screen magnifier for the vision impaired. No training necessary. Ask for computer #2. (Thanks to the Friends of the Beaufort Library.)

The St. Helena Branch Library offers the following aides:

  • SARA CE- Scanning and Reading Appliance (CE stands for Camera Edition)—SARA has the capability of snapping images of newspapers, magazines, books and even bills in order to read it aloud to a patron (headphones are provided). The patron can control the volume and speed of the reading voice. Check out the website for more information on this product. 
  • Topax XL HD- This is a Desktop Video Magnifier displays text and images in high definition. Patrons can zoom and change the colors of the backgrounds using large buttons. For more information on this production, click here. 
  • MAGIC screen Magnification Software is available in the Windows Computer Lab. This software magnifies the pc up to 36x. It can be used for software application and searching the Internet.
  • EZ See keyboards. Please call (843)255-6487 for more information.


Talking Books Service
The Talking Book Services program, administered by the South Carolina State Library, provides free audio, Braille, large print and other library materials and resources to eligible South Carolinians of all ages. Persons who are unable to read or use standard printed materials due to visual problems such as blindness, legal blindness or low vision are eligible.