Partnerships/Sponsorships Policy

In accordance to the South Carolina Public Library Standards, sec. 7.2 that states that the library works cooperatively with other community agencies to increase service the Beaufort County Library welcomes the opportunity to partner with private and public agencies and organizations when doing so benefits the library and the community we serve. Partnerships are considered to be long-range relationships with specific responsibilities and outcomes assigned to each partner. Sponsorships are considered as a means for agencies and organizations to support specific library projects, services, or programs and are short-term.

Each opportunity will be evaluated by the Branch Manager or Administrator (herein: Coordinators, Assistant Director, Director) to determine the short- and long-term costs (including staff time) and benefits. Based on the scope of the partnership or sponsorship, the Branch Manager or Administrator will determine whether a formal agreement or contract is required. The Branch Manager or Administrator may enter into formal agreements or memos of understanding. Contracts for more elaborate partnerships or sponsorships require approval of the Board of Trustees.

The mission and policies of potential partners and sponsors must be compatible with the policies, vision, mission, and goals of the Library. Partners and sponsors agree to act in ways that are mutually beneficial and adhere to oral or written agreements. Priority will be given to organizations, agencies, and businesses that help the library extend or expand services to the community.

The Library will develop each partnership individually, documenting the terms and conditions. If deemed appropriate by the Branch Manager, and with approval from the Assistant Director, these terms will be formalized in a written agreement or contract. The Branch Manager or Administrator will assign a staff member to be the primary liaison for the partnership and will expect the partner to do the same. The Library may cancel a partnership agreement at any time if the partner uses the Library’s name without prior consent or if the nature of the partner’s mission changes substantially or in a manner that becomes inconsistent with the Library’s mission and image.