About Us

We are the public library system of Beaufort County, South Carolina.

We are governed by a Library Board of 11 Trustees who are appointed by County Council.

There are five Branches of the Beaufort County Library; each are safe and secure gathering places that allow all residents - regardless of economic, social or racial background - free access to education, technology and literacy development. 

  • We are 75,821 Card Holders Strong.
  • We are 525,914 Library Users Annually.
  • We are over 1000 county citizens who participate in 4 non-profit library support groups.

Three core values—Respect, Trust & Service—guide our library system.

For Learning. For Leisure. For Life.

Be it students, parents, professionals and retirees, every member of our community can depend on the Beaufort County Library and its caring staff for an environment rich in opportunities to improve the quality of life for all.

Our Mission

The Beaufort County Library serves and supports the community for learning, for leisure, for life.

Our Vision

The growing and diverse population of Beaufort County envisions a public library that is a leader in the community and a vital threshold to opportunity, self-education, and recreation. The Library's leadership provides free access to information and the dynamic exchange of ideas both locally and around the world, empowering citizens with resources to adapt to a rapidly changing world while preserving the area's rich heritage.

Our Strategic Plan

This document represents the three year strategic plan for the Beaufort County Library, January 2011 to December 2013. Click here to read our Extended Strategic Plan for 2014-2015.

Beaufort County Library: For Learning • For Leisure • For Life